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Thursday 21 August 2014

Woodley set for Spider-Man sequel?

Shailene Woodley is in talks to play Spider-Man's new love interest opposite Andrew Garfield

Shailene Woodley is reportedly in "early talks" to play Mary Jane Watson in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The Descendants star is apparently the studio's "top choice" for Spider-Man's love interest, but nothing has been confirmed, Variety reported.

Andrew Garfield has confirmed he will reprise his role as Peter Parker and his webbed superhero alter-ego, with Emma Stone expected to return as Gwen Stacy.

Marc Webb will also be back to direct the sequel.

Columbia president Doug Belgrad said: "We could not be more confident in the direction we are taking this new Spider-Man storyline, and we are tremendously excited to be ramping up production again with Marc at the helm and Andrew continuing on as Peter Parker."

Variety also said that the part of Peter's best friend Harry Osborn, previously played by James Franco in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, is still in the casting process.

Super villain Electro, who can control electricity, is rumoured to be one of the bad guys battling Spider-Man in the follow-up.

Production is set to begin in early 2013, for a release in May 2014.

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