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Friday 11 July 2014

'Bang On' 1D waxworks unveiled

Fans met waxwork versions of One Direction

Fans will have more chances to meet their One Direction idols one way or another after new wax figures were unveiled.

The likenesses have taken months of work by Madame Tussauds sculptors and stylists, and even the chart-topping group were impressed by the results.

After being introduced to their doubles, Zayn Malik said: "They look wicked, they're bang on."

Around 60 devotees of the group - whose hits include What Makes You Beautiful and Live While We're Young - were on hand to see the models unveiled at the London attraction. They will be there for 12 weeks before emulating the real-life boy band and heading off on a world tour, visiting New York, Sydney and other locations yet to be announced.

The group themselves were given a sneak peek at the finished models earlier this week, with Niall Horan taken aback by the experience. "This is weird - he's wearing my actual shoes," he said.

And heart-throb Harry Styles said: "It's amazing and such an honour."

Friends Ruby Yeomans and Jodie Wells, both 16 from Essex, won a competition to be the first fans to see the waxworks. They describe themselves as "crazy" fans and have camped out at the O2 to get tickets to see the boyband on tour and "got in a bit of trouble" for running on stage during Comic Relief to get close to the boys.

Ruby said: "It was really good because all their clothes are their own - we were one of the first people to touch them and everything. It's quite scary how realistic they are!"

Jodie added: "Because we know how they look, we were expecting to be like 'Oh they're not that good'. But they're literally exactly the same. The tattoos and everything - it's so detailed."

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