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Sunday 20 April 2014

Bieber in reckless driving inquiry

Police are said to have been turned away when they visited Justin Bieber's home

Justin Bieber is being investigated for reckless driving after complaints about alleged speeding in the Los Angeles gated community where he lives.

The singer allegedly drove his white Ferrari at freeway speeds in a 25 mph zone, a sheriff's spokesman said.

Former NFL football star Keyshawn Johnson was among those who complained. He was outside with his three-year-old daughter when the star zoomed by. Keyshawn was upset and got into his car, following Justin to his nearby home. As the garage door was closing, he put out his arm and stopped it, telling the Canadian singer he wanted to talk about his reckless driving.

Police said Justin went into his home without speaking. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department received two calls and responded to the location. When they tried to talk to the Baby singer, however, they were also turned away.

"His security detail said he declined to talk to us based on the advice of counsel," a spokesman said.

Deputies interviewed two witnesses, including Keyshawn, and wrote up their report. They handed that to detectives who are continuing to investigate the incident.

"Their eyewitness testimony to our deputies was definitive - not only the speed, not only the vehicle, but Mr Bieber was sitting and driving in the driver's side seat," the spokesman said.

Deputies plan to send a reckless driving report to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office to consider filing charges in the next week or two.

Prosecutors are also looking at whether to charge the star for battery in a separate incident involving a neighbour, who complained the pop-star attacked and threatened him.

"We take this very seriously and if this actually did occur, which it appears that it did, it is unacceptable behaviour from anybody, anywhere, any time," the spokesman said.

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