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Friday 27 February 2015

Bill Milner's school disco despair

Bill Milner isn't a fan of school discos
Bill Milner isn't a fan of school discos

Bill Milner stars in a new short film about a school disco, but he has confessed he hates them.

The 16-year-old Son of Rambow star appears opposite Never Let Me Go's Izzy Meikle-Small in Disco, writer and director Luke Snellin's sequel to his Bafta-nominated short film Mixtape, about the teenage trials and tribulations of asking someone to the school disco.

Bill revealed: "The last school disco I went to was five years ago, when I was 11. I didn't ask anyone and it was probably one of the worst nights ever. I hated the music and the cheesy lights. I haven't considered going to a school disco since."

Disco, which is set in 1997 to a soundtrack of Brit pop, is getting it's UK premiere on Sunday July 17 at Latitude Festival just before Filmstar rockers Suede take to the main stage to close the festival.

Bill said: "I feel really proud. For Disco to be showing at such a popular festival is so exciting as it will be seen by a wide range of people."

Director Luke said: "I wrote Disco with Bill in mind for the lead character of Danny and he effortlessly carries off the beats of his journey through that one summer's day. Aside from that, perhaps most importantly, we understand each other and we have a lot of fun whenever we work together."

The Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll star is awaiting his exam results and is looking forward to enjoying a summer of festivals.

Bill said: "I'm going to a few festivals this summer including Reading, Latitude and Underage. I'm most looking forward to The Vaccines, Beirut, Pulp, Suede, Rizzle Kicks and OFWGKTA because I think they have such great stage presence and are great performers."

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