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Wednesday 22 October 2014

Blue: Roulette is about real life

Blue's new album is more grounded in reality, says Simon Webbe

Blue say their new album will be based more on real life than their previous songs which were "fantasy".

The boyband are enjoying a second round of fame after The Big Reunion but say their 90s heyday classics weren't always true to life.

Simon Webbe said: "Before we were singing 'system up with the top down' but I didn't even own a convertible when I wrote that song. That was about fantasy but now we have real life."

Simon, 35, reckons the reason Blue's songs on upcoming album Roulette are more realistic is because of the life experience they have to draw on now.

He said: "There is some classic Blue in there, such as Hurt Lovers, but Roulette is something we feel we put 100 per cent of ourselves into, we told the truth. Lots of people are saying it's slick - we're very proud of it.

"We'd gone away as individuals in 2005, carved our own lives in the industry, met partners, broke up, had heartache, we've gone through relationship ups and downs and come back to the studio as stronger people with more life experience."

The All Rise singer also revealed the band already have plans for their album after Roulette: "We're going to a writing camp in November for the next album and if people support Roulette we'll go on tour."

The Blue boys were initially worried about damaging their image through The Big Reunion but say they couldn't be happier with how it's turned out.

Simon said: "We never had a platform back in the UK and The Big Reunion provided that.

"With getting into the show a bit late it kind of made us look like pantomime villains and we were worried about how it would come across but we didn't say anything derogatory about anyone and were honest about our journey so people reconnected with us."

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