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Saturday 30 May 2015

Boyband Blue have a girlie night in

Blue have returned to the limelight thanks to The Big Reunion
Blue have returned to the limelight thanks to The Big Reunion

Blue got in touch with their feminine side for a pamper day promoting Macmillan's latest charity campaign.

The boys, who have stepped back into the limelight with The Big Reunion, donned fluffy dressing gowns, and had face masks and manicures to help spread the word about cancer care charity Macmillan's fundraising.

Simon Webbe said: "We've had face masks and we're thinking about getting our nails done, our eyebrows and maybe some waxing.

"Duncan [James] and I are definitely the most into our pampering treatments. I go to a really good salon in Milton Keynes where I get collagen waves and HD (high definition) brows done. It's really relaxing there and they have all the latest stuff like vampire facials.

"It's right to take care of yourself in the business we're in. Years ago when I was modelling I was told to drink lots of water and not to have too much alcohol or go out too much."

The Macmillan Really Good Night In encourages people to raise money for the charity by holding a night in at home for their friends on April 26.

Simon wanted to promote the event because of his personal experiences of cancer: "My grandfather died from testicular cancer so I've watched somebody deteriorate and to know there's this charity out there that offers this kind of support is great.

"When you're in a position to help you should and I think everybody's got it in them to put somebody else first. Even if I wasn't in the limelight I would be doing it anyway because I think it's everybody's duty no matter what walk of life you come from.

"Macmillan have a target of £1 million to raise in a day so we're going to spam on Twitter and Facebook and hopefully hit that target which would be a massive achievement for everyone."

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