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Monday 2 March 2015

Brucie smiles at family album track

Sir Bruce Forsyth says his granddaughter impressed record producers
Sir Bruce Forsyth says his granddaughter impressed record producers

Sir Bruce Forsyth has teamed up with his granddaughter to record a duet for his new album.

The Strictly Come Dancing host, who collects his knighthood from Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, is to release the track next month.

Entertainment veteran Sir Bruce said the recording with Sophie Purdie was "special" to him.

Budding stage star Sophie - whose mother is the TV presenter's daughter Julie Forsyth of former chart act Guys'N'Dolls - performs a version of Nat King Cole's Smile.

It features on his album These Are My Favourites, a selection of songs he enjoys most.

Sir Bruce said the Smile recording came about after he mentioned his talented granddaughter to the team behind the album. They had initially assumed she was "eight or nine", he said, and were surprised to find she was actually 19.

"I got Sophie to come over and do a chorus of 'Smile' with me. The expression on their faces was priceless, I wish I had a photograph of it," Sir Bruce said of the reaction she provoked among the musicians and producer.

"Apart from her voice, she is absolutely beautiful and even if she was somebody else's granddaughter I'd say the same thing."

Old standard Smile was originally written by Charlie Chaplin for the score of his movie Modern Times. Words were later added and the song was recorded by Cole and scores of other singers. Cole himself features on another track of the album, which is being released by EMI on November 7.

A duet of Paper Moon which Sir Bruce performed with the US star in 1959 has been remastered with a new musical backing. Also on the album are songs such as Night And Day and Can't Take My Eyes Off You.

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