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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Cheryl Cole lifts lid on romance

Cheryl Cole has revealed details about her romance with dancer Tre Holloway

Cheryl Cole has opened up on her new romance with backing dancer Tre Holloway in a documentary.

ITV2's Cheryl: Access All Areas follows the singer as she embarks on her first ever solo tour of the UK promoting her recent album A Million Lights.

Taking in some of Britain's biggest venues in 10 cities and 11 days, the film joins Cheryl just 20 days before she takes to the stage for the first time.

In one rehearsal scene, Cheryl and American Tre are seen mocking how each other pronounces the words potato and tomato.

Cheryl said: "Tre is a dancer, he is my boyfriend. And the rest you can figure out for yourself. There is a presence with Tre, he gives 100% on that stage every single time, he just doesn't know any other percentage.

"There's a stronger connection and a chemistry that you wouldn't have with any other dancer. To have that relationship is rare, to be able to have that with you and share those moments is pretty special, actually."

Cheryl also uses the documentary as an opportunity to address the press intrusion into her life.

She said: "It's all new for Tre, you know, it's crazy for him. I've experienced it for 10 years, I get it, but it's more hurtful when the media intrude on my loved ones. They didn't ask for this, they don't want that, they just want a normal life with their family."

With just days to go before the first night of the tour in Belfast, Tre attempted a backflip and injured his knee. The dancer was taken to hospital and ordered to rest by doctors, missing the opening night of the tour, but his knee healed enough to perform with Cheryl at the biggest gig of her career at London's O2 arena.

Cheryl wrapped up her tour in her home town of Newcastle, accompanied backstage by her mother, father, brother and nieces and nephews. Speaking of her joy at the end of the triumphant tour, she grinned: "I would do this forever."

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