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Friday 29 August 2014

Clarkson blasts her own Auto-Tune

Kelly Clarkson prefers to record without Auto-Tune

Kelly Clarkson has revealed she hates hearing the vocals on her early hits.

The American Idol winner told the Metro that she was not a fan of the Auto-Tune on her previous songs.

She said: "When I hear Since U Been Gone or My Life Would Suck Without You, I love the songs but the vocal is so compressed it kills me."

She added that her new album Stronger has no Auto-Tune, saying: "It sounds so much better than the others. Sometimes people get hold of us pop girl singers and compress the hell out of our vocals. Even voices that don't need Auto-Tune get it, so you have all these robotic vocals."

Kelly also told the paper that the worst career advice she'd been given was when someone - she didn't name names - told her to work on her "superficial relationship skills".

"He was like, 'You really need to do it'. I couldn't believe it was happening. If I'm in a working environment, I expect everyone to contribute to it. This guy just wanted me to nod and say yes and be like a robot."

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