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Saturday 19 April 2014

Costello to put roots down for kids

Elvis Costello will tour the UK this summer

Elvis Costello has admitted he and his Canadian singer wife Diana Krall will have to cut back on touring as their children are about to start school.

The 58-year-old singer and wife Diana have two twin sons, Henry and Frank, born at the end of 2006. And now they are of primary school age, the musician parents have had to become a little more settled.

Elvis said: "They start first grade in September, so we can't be pulling them out of school to go wherever.

"Having both your parents as working musicians will mean a lot of travelling, but we have to be considerate. They'll still get to come on the tour bus with me when I'm out and about. That's got to be better than taking geography, right?"

But Elvis and his band The Imposters are about to take the Spectacular Spinning Songbook on a tour of the UK once again.

There is a special feature to the Spinning Songbook gigs - a giant wheel loaded with the names of 50 of Costello's songs. A member of the audience is invited up spin the wheel, and the band have to play whichever song it lands on.

There are showgirls on stage, and the lucky audience member can either stay up there in a cage to dance alongside the band - many do - or sit in a more relaxed area at the back and drink cocktails.

Elvis revealed: "The wheel's fair, too, until we lean on it a bit when someone tells us it's their wedding anniversary or something. Mostly we let it be true and the wheel decides. Some songs have come up twice or even three times in a night."

::The Spectacular Spinning Songbook will tour the UK throughout the summer

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