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Thursday 24 April 2014

Daft Punk: We'll keep helmets on

Daft Punk insist they will never remove their helmets in public

Daft Punk have revealed they won't be taking off their metal helmets anytime soon, saying they prefer the anonymity.

The French duo - Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo - have no plans to get rid of the robot-style headgear they are famous for donning, despite being on course to enjoy a second week in the UK top spot with their new single Get Lucky.

"It is hard to tell what would've happened for us without the anonymity. We have no regrets on that subject. We have a normal life," the pair told French magazine Rock N Folk.

"We met when we were 12. We listened to the Velvet Underground and the Doors. We created those robot personas. We see the next generation appropriating it and it pleases us. Last year, the robots made an Adidas ad with the Star Wars robots. Then the robots were in a Simpsons episode.

"To achieve mixing Ziggy (Stardust), (Marc) Bolan and Star Wars and integrate pop culture while staying anonymous, it was fun. We both have a superhero ego." they added.

The electronic duo, whose fourth album Random Access Memories will be released on May 20, also say they won't be unveiling their true selves at gigs, nor would they employ actors to perform while they enjoy the gig in the audience.

They admitted touts tried to sell them tickets to their own show at the London Astoria in 1997.

"It would be possible. But we play too few concerts that it would be dumb to not want the acclaim of 20,000 people," they continued.

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