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Wednesday 17 September 2014

Dane Bowers relaunches music career

Dane Bowers is hoping to relaunch his music career

Dane Bowers is getting back into writing and recording.

The former Another Level star, who came second in Celebrity Big Brother last year, was spotted at V Festival in Staffordshire and spoke of his plans.

Dane said: "I'm in the studio. I've been writing for lots of different people anyway. I've got two dance songs coming out. One's on the Ministry of Sound album now I think and the other one is coming out in the next couple of weeks."

He went on: "I haven't really done anything myself in a while. I've put stuff out under different names and now I'm a bit bored and I want to get back in to it in the next couple of months. But I'm into so many different things. I'm doing the dubstep thing, the dance thing and R&B so I haven't decided yet".

He added: "I stepped out for a while but I'm back I think".

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