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Wednesday 1 October 2014

Dion: Vegas a risk worth taking

Celine Dion thinks it's important to take chances in life

Celine Dion has revealed that her on-going residency in Las Vegas was a risk worth taking.

The My Heart Will Go On singer, who previously performed sold-out shows in Sin City for five years from 2003, continues her three-year run at The Colosseum in Caesars Palace, with concerts beginning again from December 28. Some of the concerts, which started in March 2011, were cancelled due to illness.

"I think you have to take chances in life. We had this project in front of us of presenting a whole new way of performing on stage. I was not concerned at all," she told CTV News.

"I had a good feeling about it. People thought, 'They're going to start this show and the Titanic is going to sink again'..."

The five-time Grammy Award-winner, who has three children with manager husband Rene Angelil, revealed the long stint and the relocation took its toll on her family.

"I guess they thought I would change diapers on the craps table," she joked.

"This was a five-year contract so my pressure in a way was to be consistent and survive through ups and downs and through illness, because the first year, we did over 200 shows. I burnt myself out," she admitted.

"Travelling the world is sometimes difficult. It's wonderful to have the chance to be stable. Vegas gives you a lot of opportunities to present something spectacular for your fans."

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