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Saturday 18 April 2015

Ferguson still has X Factor nerves

Rebecca Ferguson hasn't forgotten how nerve-wracking The X Factor was
Rebecca Ferguson hasn't forgotten how nerve-wracking The X Factor was

Rebecca Ferguson says she still feels sick when she watches The X Factor, despite not being a contestant any more.

The singer and mother-of-two released an acclaimed debut album and has got a British and US record deal under her belt since leaving the ITV1 show.

But she said that when she watches The X Factor - and when she recently sang on it - the fears come flooding back.

"Despite everything I've done over the last two years, my album and appearing in America, I just felt like a contestant all over again when I went back in October to perform on The X Factor," she said.

"It was really nerve-wracking. I was in a state beforehand about what to wear and I took ages to choose my outfit. It was only when I finally walked on stage that I was able to tell myself, 'Calm down, relax and have fun' - and I did."

Rebecca, 26, added: "Whenever I watch this year's contestants, it makes me nervous inside, because I know exactly what they're going through. Each time the results come through for them, I feel sick, just as I used to when I was on it. The strain of not knowing whether you're going to be there for another week is unbelievable."

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