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Saturday 1 November 2014

Five's Abz: I could have been Gaga

Five singer Abz Love thinks he could have been as big as Lady Gaga

Five star Abz Love has said he could have been the male version of Lady Gaga.

After the Nineties band split in 2001, the singer was managed by Simon Cowell, released a solo album Abstract Theory and enjoyed three top 10 hits in the UK singles chart.

But Abz was apparently dropped when the pair fell out, and told The Sun: "I was gutted... I would've been the male Lady Gaga with him."

Abz now lives a quiet life with his girlfriend in the Lincolnshire countryside.

But he said of his dark days after the band split: "I thought I was going to die at 25. I was all over the place, living in squats with junkies injecting drugs. I never took heroin, though."

Five reunited for ITV2 reality series The Big Reunion.

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