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Florence: Everyone gets lonely

Florence Welch has admitted she feels like she's "in a bubble" when she's on tour.

The 25-year-old Londoner is just about to hit the road again and confessed it can get a bit lonely, although she insisted it's still her "dream job".

She said: "Everyone gets lonely, I think. Speak to most people in a band and they'd tell you that. I recently read an interview with Adele where she said the same thing.

"When you're on tour, you're in a bubble. Everyone else's life carries on, all your friends and family back home, but you're away doing the same thing and not having a life.

"It's odd to be lonely, surrounded by so many people and feeling so at one with the crowd, but it all lacks the intimacy of being with one other person. Time stands still, and it feels like you disappear for a while. At the same time it's my dream job."

Florence also revealed she's taking better care of herself on tour these days.

She said: "I've stopped doing things that are bad for me. I look after myself more on tour. I have a responsibility to the show, as well as the people that have worked on it with me. More so than ever before. We've got this big show, big stage sets and costumes, and I feel a pressure to honour everything that's gone into that.

"In the past, maybe I'd be on first at 7.30 or 8pm, so there wasn't as much expectation. I could get drunk and no one would really care. Now people are coming to see me, so I feel that responsibility."

:: Florence + The Machine begin their UK tour on March 4 and their latest album Ceremonials is out now.


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