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Saturday 31 January 2015

Gaga thinks Moss is 'so sweet'

Lady Gaga hailed Kate Moss as an icon
Lady Gaga hailed Kate Moss as an icon

Lady Gaga has lavished praise on Kate Moss after the supermodel was spotted in the front row of one of her gigs.

Gaga, 25, performed for Kate and a select audience at an intimate gig in London last week - with the British model kissing the star's hand in homage at one point.

The Born This Way singer told the Sun: "She's lovely, she's so sweet and she's an icon. I've found that those that are icons are usually the nicest people."

She went on: "It's good to meet people who are lovely and have had success. That makes me happy."

Gaga - who is godmother to Sir Elton John's tot Zachary - added: "Elton is another wonderful person who I've met who is an absolute legend. That's what drives me and keeps my ambition strong in this business - knowing that those that have it all are the most kind and phenomenal people that you'll ever meet."

Despite her admiration for other stars, the singer has admitted she still enjoys her own company.

"I like being alone. I lived alone for so long when I was in NYC fighting for my shot at stardom, so there is something that is very sentimental to me about time with my wigs and a glass of whisky," she told the Daily Mirror.

Meanwhile, a university academic has said the flamboyant star's use of religious imagery should not be viewed by Christians as offensive.

Dr Pete Ward, a senior lecturer at King's College, London, and author of a book on religion and celebrity, Gods Behaving Badly, said he believed the star was using religion as a "metaphor" and shouldn't be denounced as heretical by Christians.

"She is basically saying what Jesus is saying - we should love God and love each other it seems," he insisted.

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