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Thursday 24 July 2014

George Michael admits Kenny split

George Michael on the opening night of his Symphonica concerts at the State Opera House in Prague (cfpublicity/PA)

George Michael has admitted he and Kenny Goss have broken up - just months after denying rumours of a split.

The star told fans at the start of his latest tour that in "truth" he and Goss had not been together for two and a half years.

He said his love life has been a lot more turbulent than he has admitted publicly.

The disclosure comes after Michael took to Twitter and went on live TV in March to say rumours of a split were "lies".

He told fans at a sell-out concert at the Prague State Opera House on the opening night of Symphonica - The Orchestral Tour: "In truth, Kenny and I have not been together for two and a half years."

He said he loved Goss, adding he was sorry for any pain he had caused his former partner. The singer said he thought it was better to be honest about the real situation, adding: "This man has brought me a lot of joy and a lot of pain."

He said the break-up had prompted him to write a song called Where I Hope You Are.

"I'm so sad about my relationship with Kenny," he added.

Michael also paid tribute to singer Amy Winehouse, who died last month. He said it was unbelievably sad there would be no more music from her.

In the interview for the tour programme, he spoke of getting into trouble with the law, saying he deserved to be jailed last year for crashing his Range Rover after taking cannabis. He said he felt going to jail was karma, adding: "I had a bill to pay and I thought that prison was a logical conclusion to a very long, dark chapter."

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