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Wednesday 28 January 2015

George Michael to stage Aids gig

George Michael is going to tour with an orchestra
George Michael is going to tour with an orchestra

George Michael is staging a special gig to raise money for an Aids charity fund in memory of screen star Dame Elizabeth Taylor.

The concert at the Royal Opera House, in London, on Sunday November 6, is part of the singer's 47-date tour of Europe that sees him accompanied by a symphony orchestra.

All the money raised on the night will go to Sir Elton John Aids Foundation's newly created Elizabeth Taylor Memorial Fund.

George said: "I have seen how HIV can affect people's lives, how it can destroy families and communities.

"The way that the Elton John Aids Foundation gets help to the people around the world who need it most - often the most marginalised communities - really spurred me on to do something."

He added that he wanted to honour the late actress's Elizabeth's "inspiring efforts" campaigning to raise awareness of the disease.

Sir Elton, who duetted with George on the 1991 hit Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me, said: "George has been a patron of the foundation since its inception and has been a much valued supporter over the years, as well as a dear friend.

"This is an incredible and generous gesture. I thank George from my heart for doing this. His is an amazing talent, and this is a fantastic gift he is making to people affected by HIV."

The foundation has raised more than £80 million since it was set up by Sir Elton in 1992.

Liz, who died this year, was a prominent campaigner against the disease and founded the American Foundation for Aids Research following the death of her close friend Rock Hudson in 1985.

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