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Saturday 25 October 2014

Gibb widow missed Robin at baby joy

Robin Gibb's widow said the singer would have been delighted to have become a grandfather

Dwina Gibb has described her sadness that her late husband - Bee Gees star Robin - is not here to share the "wonderful news" that their son RJ is going to become a father.

She said the news that RJ, 30, and his girlfriend Megan Golub, 34, are expecting their first child together in July has helped comfort the grieving family eight months after Robin's death.

She told Hello! Magazine that New Year without her husband had been particularly difficult, saying: "As Big Ben chimed midnight and fireworks lit up the sky, I heard the skirl of the bagpipes and felt tearful.

"I'd spent every New Year's Eve of our 32 years together with Robin and missed him desperately. To welcome in 2013, we all went outside and wrote Robin's name in the sky with sparklers. I was thrilled about the baby, but sad that Robin wasn't with me to share the happiness."

RJ said the imminent new arrival had helped lessen the sadness of their "devastating" loss.

He said: "Now that I'm about to become a father myself, my sadness has made way for a sense of happiness I could never have imagined. Dad loved children and the idea of having grandchildren. He would have been over the moon to see his first grandchild. It's such a shame that he won't be there to hold him."

Dwina, 60, said her late husband adored children.

She said: "He loved them. Grandchildren would have found him hilarious because he had a great sense of humour and made everything fun.

"When RJ was little, Robin would dress up as Father Christmas, with pillows stuffed into his red tunic, and make up strange names for the reindeer. He would have relished his role as a grandfather and been brilliant at it. When I lost Robin I wasn't expecting this. It's absolutely wonderful."

RJ said he took comfort from the fact that Robin got to know Megan before he died. He said: "Dad knew I loved Megan. I hope it helped him to know that I had someone special to look after me." Read the full interview in Hello! Magazine, out now.

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