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Friday 18 April 2014

Graham: Boyzone would be harder now

Mikey Graham says it is even harder for pop stars to have prviacy these days

Mikey Graham has said he's not sure he would have joined Boyzone in an age of camera phones and social media.

The singer told the Irish Mirror he thought it was very difficult to be a pop star today because of the lack of privacy.

He said: "I think it would be very hard - being truthful - to be in a successful pop band today because with the great inventions of modern technology such as phones and the internet there's less and less privacy. I think nowadays for famous bands they have that. And I think we had it a little easier than they did from that point of view.

"We didn't have the iPhones stalking us out at airports, the mobile phones were starting to come out at that time. Builders were the only ones with these big block-type of mobile phones at that stage, so we could still have a private life."

Boyzone are preparing for a 20th anniversary celebration tour which starts rehearsals in November, but Mikey says he doesn't see boy band of the moment One Direction as rivals.

He said: "There's no reason in the world to worry about them. We don't have the same audiences, and good luck to them."

Mikey also reassured fans the group would carry on for as long as their fans wanted to see them.

"There isn't for us an end to it, and why should there be from anybody? It's not like we have to step aside and let another band in. We're different generations," he said. "Twenty years ago when we started out, we certainly never imagined any 20th anniversary of the band, hence the name Boyzone being chosen back at that time."

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