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Thursday 18 December 2014

Grieving John Lydon postpones music

John Lydon has postponed his plans with Public Image Ltd
John Lydon has postponed his plans with Public Image Ltd

Sex Pistols star John Lydon has postponed plans to record and tour with his band Public Image Ltd a month after the death of his punk stepdaughter Ari Up.

Ari, real name Arianna Forster - was 48 when she died of a mystery illness last month. Lydon, who reformed band Public Image Ltd (PiL) last year, is married to Ari's mother Nora Forster.

Lydon told The Daily Record: "I've had to put the blocks on and hold back on recording with PiL.

"It would be very hard for me to go out and enjoy a tour after Ari's just kicked the bucket.

"It would be the wrong message to send to anybody. How could you enjoy yourself when someone you know has just died and it being your stepdaughter? That's a little harsh.

"There will be another PiL album but I have had to put it back a bit. My head can't get into it.

"I can't sit down and enjoy songwriting at the moment. If I did, it would all be grief-laden and I don't want to put out a gloomy goth rock thing. That's not where my head should be. It's a long slow process with me, grief.

"Until that's gone and I'm in a healthier place I can't approach it. I hope people understand that.

"The band are raring to go but I can't shift my head into that right now. I can't give it 100 per cent because that would involve leaving Nora alone and I am just not going to do that. She is much more important to me right now."

He added he still planned to appear with PiL at the festival dates they had announced next year.

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