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Thursday 2 October 2014

Hard Fi's 'road trip' comeback

Hard-Fi's new album was inspired by a road trip

Hard-Fi frontman Rich Archer has revealed he indulged his inner geek while penning their third album.

The singer was inspired to write tracks for Killer Sounds during a US road trip to the legendary cities of Austin, New Orleans, Detroit and Memphis.

"We're huge geeks, so we went to all the classic places. We went to the Motown studio in Detroit, soaked it all up and got really inspired. By the beginning of 2009 I had a new batch of songs written and ready to go," he said.

"We just wanted to make a record people can dance to. When we made the first album (Stars of CCTV in 2005), we were listening to dance music, hip hop and soul, as well as rock bands, and that's what we've gone for again."

While the group's second album Once Upon A Time In The West saw lower sales than the debut, with just 261,000 around the globe, Rich said he's delighted to be back with a new record.

"Everyone thinks that every album released has to be massive, and that every show should be in an arena sell out," he added.

"But you can't be on The X Factor every week, getting millions of pounds worth of advertising for free. You just have to get out there and do it, and we've gone back to that harsh reality.

"We're excited to be back, to be here and be touring again. We haven't played much for a while, but what we have done has been amazing."

:: Killer Sounds is out on August 22, with a Hard Fi UK tour throughout September.

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