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Friday 18 April 2014

Jay-Z art next to real Magna Carta

Jay-Z's album artwork is being displayed alongside the Magna Carta

Jay-Z has picked Salisbury Cathedral as the unusual venue for the launch of his new album artwork.

The rapper has placed the official artwork for Magna Carta Holy Grail at the UK home of one of four surviving original copies of the 1215 Magna Carta.

Magna Carta, which was written on parchment, became the fundamental principal of English justice and the basis of the US Constitution.

It is one of the most celebrated documents in English history.

A post on the rapper's blog Jay-Z's Life + Times, said that the artwork, which depicts two statues and the rapper's name struck out in black, will be displayed next to the Magna Carta throughout July.

Dean of Salisbury the Very Revd June Osborne told the Salisbury Journal that she was "delighted" Jay-Z had chosen the Cathedral to display his artwork.

She said: "We are delighted that Jay-Z has chosen Salisbury Cathedral, home to the finest of the four surviving Magna Carta, as the location for the global premiere of his artwork.

"We know how important the Magna Carta, and all it represents, to people across the globe. The ideals it embodies are still relevant today.

"Jay-Z, through his album, is creating a huge awareness of this historic document and its modern significance to a huge audience in the run up to its 800th anniversary in 2015. We hope to welcome many of his fans here this summer to see the artwork in the Chapter House alongside our Magna Carta."

The new album is set to feature new collaborations with Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Frank Ocean. The Recording Industry Association of America is reported to have agreed to certify the album as platinum despite Samsung making his 12th album available to some of its users for free.

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