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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Jessie J to have surgery on ankle

Jessie J will have an operation on her bad ankle at Christmas

Jessie J has revealed she is still in agony after injuring her foot two years ago, and is set to undergo surgery later this year.

The 25-year-old singer and TV singing coach was forced to pull out of a number of shows in 2011 after damaging her left ankle in a fall during rehearsals for a gig. She had to have a bone transplant during reconstructive surgery.

Now Jessie has revealed to the Daily Mirror she is still suffering from the injury and will have another operation to try and repair the damage.

Jessie revealed: "I'm getting some time off at Christmas and I'm having surgery to have the plate removed. It is flicking against my bone and is causing a lot of pain.

"I hurt my ankle about two years ago and it's still causing me a lot of discomfort.

"The foot is still bruised and swells up because it won't heal, so I'm having the metal taken out."

Jessie was on crutches and wore a supportive brace on her lower leg for two months after her first operation in the summer of 2011.

But The Voice coach soon returned to wearing high heels and dancing on stage again, while her ankle was still recovering.

Jessie revealed her metal plate "sets off the security systems at airports and when I sit down it goes cold like a cow".

She added: "I'm hoping it will be sorted at Christmas then it will be done and dusted and I can have some down time."

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