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Tuesday 21 October 2014

John Lydon produces life scrapbook

Punk legend John Lydon has produced a scrapbook of his life

John Lydon is laying bare his life in a new book featuring handwritten doodles in each copy - with a price tag of more than £400.

The punk idol - who called the Sex Pistols' 20th anniversary reunion shows the Filthy Lucre Tour - said the book was "for the fans".

Just 750 copies of the 250-plus-page coffee table book Mr Rotten's Scrapbook are to be published.

The price also includes a 12in vinyl picture disc built into the back of the book, featuring live recordings from his band Public Image Ltd (PiL) taken from shows last year, as well as spoken word tracks.

Lydon - who was known as Johnny Rotten in his Sex Pistols days in the 1970s - has created individual doodles in the centre-spread of the hand-bound and numbered book.

The star - who famously closed his last Sex Pistols show in San Francisco in January 1978 by asking the audience "ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" - will also let fans see inside his head in a unique way. The book contains X-rays of his skull on the cover.

It will cost £379 when pre-ordered but as much as £449 at its full retail price from December 1.

Lydon has included personal photos - four-fifths of which have previously been unpublished - as well as his own annotations.

Lydon has long felt unhappy about the poor financial return he got from his stint in the Pistols. He successfully sued the band's late manager Malcolm McClaren in the 1980s over contractual issues and unpaid royalties.

He said of the book: "It's really done for the fans in a special loving kind way that only Mr Rotten knows how to do."

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