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Friday 18 April 2014

Lady Gaga in spectacular show

Lady Gaga put on a characteristically spectacular show as she brought her Born This Way Ball to Twickenham Stadium

Lady Gaga put on a characteristically spectacular show as she brought her Born This Way Ball to Twickenham Stadium.

When the black curtains covering the stage dropped and she walked out to around 55,000 people, the 26-year-old did so with alongside a small marching band in front of a scale model of a castle, the largest touring prop of all time.

Making her first live performance in the UK since December 2010, the New York-born megastar then finished the rest of song, Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) on horseback.

There were costume changes for almost every song, with Gaga, her dancers and much of the stage turned gold for early highlight Born This Way - while Love Game saw her dressed as the Statue Of Liberty, smoking a cigarette.

When Gaga spoke, it was mostly in character - she claimed not to be human, alien or otherwise, but an embodiment of her fans. She also stated she's just rehearsing and will one day return to invade the UK as our pop star.

There were moments of sincerity, though, when she admitted her record label, Universal, weren't sure her second album would be a success.

"They said I was making music for a niche audience," she said, looking out at 55,000 people. "Well this is a big niche. I like this stadium niche."

Gaga pulled one fan, who she said she'd seen sleeping outside her hotel for six nights, on stage and sat her next to her piano while performing Princess DIE and a cover of John Lennon's Imagine.

The former was dedicated to "her all-time idol" Lady Diana, Amy Winehouse, Sylvia Plath and her one-time fashion collaborator and friend Alexander McQueen.

Gaga, who has to date sold around 65 million singles worldwide, thanked her fans for spending their money on tickets for the show, also noting how far she and her adoring crowd had come since Gaga's first UK show more than four years ago.

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