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Friday 25 July 2014

Lennon studio microphones for sale

Microphones and historic equipment from John Lennon's home studio are to be sold at auction

Microphones and historic equipment from John Lennon's home studio - in which he recorded groundbreaking early solo albums and anthemic hit Imagine - are to be sold at auction.

Lennon had the gadgetry installed at his Georgian manor house estate at Tittenhurst Park, near Ascot, in 1970.

It was the recording venue for the Plastic Ono Band and Imagine albums, and later acquired by the superstar's Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr.

Auctioneers have put early estimates on the mics of upwards of £5,000 each, but say "the sky's the limit".

Lennon was joined by his wife Yoko Ono, Starr, George Harrison and bass player Klaus Voormann - also the Revolver sleeve designer - in using the microphones during recording sessions.

Along with the specialist equipment, Starr's coffee percolator which was used to refresh numerous studio guests is also being sold. No price has been put on the coffee-maker.

Recording equipment specialist seller MJQ Ltd, which is handling the sale, is also selling a mixing console from Abbey Road Studios in north London which has been used for recordings over the past 18 years.

And an "acetate" disc used for mastering recordings, in which all four Beatles have etched their names, is expected to sell for tens of thousands of pounds.

The online sale, which begins on May 11, will also feature vintage valve equipment collection from the former EMI Studios in Barcelona which is expected to be highly prized by collectors.

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