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Friday 18 April 2014

Leto mobbed by fans at surprise gig

Thirty Seconds To Mars performed a 'flash mob busk' in London

Jared Leto and his Thirty Seconds To Mars bandmates were surprised they didn't get arrested as they played an impromptu show in London.

Around 200 fans turned up at Soho Square for the 'flash mob busk' to catch a glimpse of the rockers - frontman Jared, drummer Shannon Leto (Jared's elder brother) and lead guitarist and keyboardist Tomo Milicevic - and to hear them perform an acoustic set.

The group performed Up In The Air and Do Or Die from their new album Love Lust Faith + Dreams, which is at number five in the UK charts, as well as older hits The Kill and Closer To The Edge.

"Insanity! THX London. Good times!" tweeted Jared after the gig.

The 41-year-old actor-singer, who is best known for starring opposite Claire Danes in 90s teen drama My So-Called Life, said afterwards: "It was absolute insanity. It was fun - spontaneous, nuts. I'm surprised we didn't get arrested. For sure, we would have been in the clinker if we were in New York City. We would have spent the weekend in jail."

He admitted he was surprised by the turn-out.

"It was fun, it was nuts. We loved every single second of it. It was really nice," he continued.

"For us, interactivity is a pretty big and important part of the show. I'm always looking for an excuse to break the fourth wall, to connect in a deep and meaningful way with the audience. That's what it should be for us, and today was exactly that for sure."

Tomo added: "I can't believe the cops didn't show up. There's no reason for them not to, but they didn't so thanks."

Thirty Seconds To Mars will next perform at the Download Festival on June 16.

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