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Thursday 17 April 2014

Lissie didn't plan long album break

Lissie has left a big gap before releasing her second album

Lissie has said the long gap between her first and second albums wasn't planned, but that the festival scene exhausted her.

The American folk rock singer released debut album Catching A Tiger in 2010 and promoted it heavily at music festivals but took a long break before her follow up Back To Forever, due out in October.

The musician, who recently played the 4Music Stage at the V Festival, said: "A few years ago when my first album Catching A Tiger came out we did just about every festival there is - Glastonbury, Latitude, V Fest, Bestival. The festival scene is a lot of fun."

On why she had waited so long for the second album, she said: "Hardly anything I do is planned, whatever happens, happens. I knew I wanted to take a bit of time off to regroup and get my adrenal glands back in check. Touring, you almost use up your adrenalin and then you're in fight or flight because you're keeping such odd hours.

"I mean it's amazing, it's fun but yeah, it does drain you healthwise and your adrenalin so I wanted to take a little bit of time off but after a month or two I was like, 'Alright, I'm ready to get back out there.'

"But then I was writing so much and waiting to work with the right producer and it wasn't really planned but it just ended up taking longer."

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