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Sunday 24 May 2015

Madness farewell gig at TV Centre

Madness said they are honoured to have been chosen for the BBC farewell concert
Madness said they are honoured to have been chosen for the BBC farewell concert

Madness will perform a live concert in front of BBC Television Centre to mark the corporation's departure from the famous building.

The band are playing an hour-long gig in front of an assembled audience in March.

Madness said: "We've played at some exciting places in London lately but the closing of BBC TV Centre... that is close to our hearts.

"As a band we grew up there, those walls have plenty of Madness tales to tell, a sad day... but what a celebration! We're honoured to be the band the Beeb have chosen for this fond farewell."

BBC Four Controller Richard Klein said: "I can think of no better band than Madness to help celebrate a golden age of television coming out of the BBC's Television Centre."

The concert will lead into a two-hour pre-recorded special, Goodbye TV Centre, in which former BBC Chairman Michael Grade will interview the likes of Penelope Keith, Sir Michael Parkinson and Ronnie Corbett.

Meanwhile, Sir Peter Blake is to appear on a record sleeve for the latest Madness album, after years of creating striking images for artists such as The Beatles, The Who and Oasis.

Sir Peter will feature on a new edition of the band's most recent album, Oui, Oui, Si, Si, Ja, Ja, Da, Da in a photograph which was initially ditched from the version released last year. The 80-year-old artist is seen as Moses as he lines up with the rest of the band in fancy dress on the sleeve for the special edition of the album, which will come out in April.

The veteran artist is best-known for creating the collage cover of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band sleeve for The Beatles in 1967. He has also provided images for Paul Weller's Stanley Road, Oasis's Stop The Clocks and The Who's Face Dances.

His Madness cover is thought to be the first in which he has featured himself on one of his own sleeves. It will be released on April 12 through the band's website.

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