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Saturday 19 April 2014

McCartney could get Beatles rights

Sir Paul McCartney could get the rights back for his Beatles' songs

Sir Paul McCartney could be set to get his hands back on the rights to The Beatles' songbook.

According to music site Fader, Macca will be able to reclaim the rights for his songs in around five years' time, half of which had been bought up by Michael Jackson.

Sony/ATV Music Publishing own the rest of the rights, but thanks to the US Copyright Act of 1976 which returns the rights of pre-1976 songs to their writers after 56 years, Paul could be poised to regain the hits Jacko bought up.

The 71-year-old would get control of his 1962 compositions in 2018 and those from 1970 in 2026.

Sir Paul's new album has had the help of some big name producers according to The Sun, including Mark Ronson, The Beatles producer George Martin's son Giles, Paul Epworth who works with Adele, and Kings Of Leon collaborator Ethan Johns.

A source said: "Macca's team are very excited about the album. They hope it will take him back to the top of the pop charts. The people working with him certainly know how to do that."

The first single is said to be on its way soon, with the album due out before the end of the year.

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