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Tuesday 23 September 2014

McElderry wants to work with Adele

Joe McElderry wants to work with some top songwriters

Joe McElderry has revealed that he'd love to write with some of the world's best female singers, including Adele.

The former X Factor winner said that Emeli Sande and Beyonce are also on his list of dream collaborators.

"I'd love to work with Adele, Emeli Sande and Beyonce. They're all really good songwriters. I love Emeli's album, which I know she wrote a lot of, so she is someone I would love to sing with," he said.

Joe has written one song on his fourth album Here's What I Believe, which is out now. He also co-wrote two tracks with Marcella Detroit of Shakespears Sister.

"It was my first time writing songs. It was a brand new experience for me. I never had the confidence before this album, but I loved it. It was very natural and now I'm writing constantly. Since January, I've written around 23 songs," he said.

"Working with Marcella was incredible. It was a little bit intimidating at first, to go from not writing a song before to writing with one of the biggest singer-songwriters in the world, but I threw myself into it."

Next up for Joe is penning a full album.

"I felt that writing and producing were the next steps to establish myself as an artist. I'm already thinking of album number five and what I want it to sound like," he said.

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