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Friday 30 January 2015

Musician Horn collects his CBE

Trevor Horn, the musician and record producer, has collected his CBE
Trevor Horn, the musician and record producer, has collected his CBE

Trevor Horn, the record producer and musician, has collected his CBE and said he felt "humbled".

The prolific songwriter recorded the number one hit Video Killed The Radio Star and masterminded the success of the 1980s group Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

The 61-year-old, who was also a member of Yes and The Art Of Noise, has created hits for Tom Jones, Seal, Pet Shop Boys, LeAnn Rimes and Belle & Sebastian, and was behind Robbie Williams's solo album Reality Killed The Video Star.

"I suppose I feel a bit humbled. I think there's lots of people who did a lot more to deserve it. I had fun. I just made some records," he said after receiving his honour at the investiture.

"I said to the Prince 'The last time you saw me I was wearing a silver jacket and a pair of funny glasses'. He came to see me at Wembley with Camilla for the Prince's Trust."

The Buggles' Video Killed The Radio Star was the first promo ever to be aired by MTV and Trevor became a familiar face in the pioneering video wearing outsize white-framed glasses.

Trevor, who left the oversized spectacles at home for the date at the Palace, said: "I've still got them but I can't see through them any more. They're the ones I was wearing when I was 30."

Looking back on his career, Trevor, who was 19 when he entered the music business as a session player, said: "Most of the highlights when you're a record producer come at three in the morning in the studio."

But he cited being the only person to have had a number one in both the UK and the US in the same week with two different records as a point of personal pride, achieving it with Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Relax in the UK and Yes's Owner Of A Lonely Heart in America.

The musician, who launched his own label ZTT, signing Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and went about rebuilding their song Relax to give it an epic sound, added: "The music business has been very good for me. It's a tough little business."

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