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Thursday 29 January 2015

Nick Lachey's basketball tribute

Nick Lachey has written his own basketball theme song
Nick Lachey has written his own basketball theme song

Nick Lachey has written a special theme song for US basketball tournament The Big East.

The 37-year-old pop singer - who is a Cincinnati Bearcats fan - has written Last One Standing in tribute to the men's basketball tournament being played at Madison Square Garden this week. The song will make its national debut during the championship game on Saturday.

Nick said: "My two biggest passions probably in life are sports and music, so for me it was a good opportunity to marry both in this song.

He went on: "I think the Big East conference is the best in the country, especially this year. I think we're going to break a record for the most teams sent to the NCAA tournament this year."

The rock song's chorus asks, "Who's the last, last one standing?"

The former Newlyweds star said: "Writing it, I kept seeing these highlight packages, dunk after dunk after dunk. Sports is so much about energy and all the excitement you get being there live at a game, and I wanted to capture it in a song."

Nick was hopeful the song would be playing as his team held the trophy, but the Cincinnati Bearcats were knocked out of the tournament by Notre Dame on Thursday night.

The singer plans to be at the championship, but he won't be performing the song live: "We kind of talked about trying to pull off a live performance, but it was too last minute to get a band together."

His fiancee, actress Vanessa Minnillo, decided not to join Nick at the tournament.

He revealed: "It's the middle of pilot season. She's got bigger fish to fry. She's gonna let the boys have some fun this weekend."

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