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Friday 18 April 2014

No stage persona for Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel said she uses her imagination for her music

Zooey Deschanel has insisted she would never have a fake stage persona - because the idea gives her "the shivers".

The 33-year-old US star - who combines acting on shows such as New Girl with performing with her musical duo She And Him - revealed she is never anyone but herself when she is on stage.

Zooey said: "Part of why I like having my buddies on stage with me is that I don't have some stage persona that I employ. I can't do that, it gives me the shivers if I think about it, a fake stage persona. It is just not me.

"So part of the thing about having your friends on stage, that and all of the people that we tour with is that you can be yourself and play music and have a good time, and people will have a good time with you."

Zooey also said that, unlike some songwriters, she doesn't draw from her personal life and instead relies on her own healthy imagination.

She explained: "It is the same thing for when people ask me, when I act, am I drawing from my own experience? Well no, I would run out of experiences really fast.

"I find things that are interesting, moving, maybe people I know or their emotions or movies or other songs, even just a thought or a feeling.

"Not that there is anything wrong with confessional songwriting, there are plenty of people that do that I admire. I think it is great, it just isn't how I do things."

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