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Saturday 30 August 2014

Professor Green's Twitter rant

Professor Green was unimpressed by Spencer Matthews' comments about his fiancee Millie Mackintosh

Professor Green has launched a Twitter tirade against Spencer Matthews after the Made In Chelsea star called the rapper's fiancee a "show pony".

The music star lost his cool after Spencer said he couldn't understand why Millie Mackintosh was in the reality show.

"I don't see the point of Millie being in it," Spencer told Star magazine. "Obviously, she is with Professor Green, who isn't on the show, so what is being covered?"

"She is just getting involved in everyone else's business. Personally, I don't see the relevance. She's like a go-to person for girls, but it's just like: 'No one really gives a f*** what you think'."

Pro Green retaliated by saying the "pompous" reality TV star was just looking for attention.

"You're vile, don't utter a f****** word about our engagement - it's none of your f****** business," he tweeted.

He added: "What kind of 'man' opens their mouth and talks about something when they have your number but they don't talk to you? Waste.

"Someone begging for attention, that's who. Well there you have it, attention. Enjoy @SpencerGeorgeM."

The Read All About It chart-topper proposed to Made In Chelsea socialite Millie last month.

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