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Monday 21 April 2014

Psy’s Gangnam Style star's follow-up single Gentleman scores 105m YouTube hits

The pressure was on for Psy’s follow-up single after Gangnam Style became the most-watched video on YouTube with 1.5 billion hits.

South Korean rapper Psy has released his new song Gentleman
South Korean rapper Psy has released his new song Gentleman

Psy’s Gentleman has already broken the record for the most views in a single day after it was watched 20m times in its first 24 hours - and the video is now hurtling towards 106m views days after it was published on Saturday.

The Gentleman video, which continues to further Psy’s reputation for catchy dance moves, sees the South Korean singer acting in anything but a gentlemanly manner.

He pulls off an unsuspecting woman’s bikini, removes a chair out from underneath another and forces his vapours on a girl studying in the library.

He shoves a cup in his date’s face, and adjusts the speed setting on a treadmill to ensure a runner goes flying off the end.

As with the 35-year-old's previous hit, the video features catchy lyrics and another bizarre, gyrating dance routine.

He hip thrusts, crotch grabs and skips his way through a gym, lift, restaurant, clothes shop, bathroom, library and beside a main road, all before being thrown into a swimming pool and throwing a party.

Psy's jockeying moves started an internet craze and Gangnam Style fever took off last year as a surprise viral sensation.

It is now the most viewed video in YouTube history, with over 1.5 billion views, and the song went to number one in over 35 countries.

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