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Thursday 17 April 2014

Punk godfather Terry has a hooley at his ‘wake’

Terri Hooley and Richard Sullivan

He punched John Lennon, fell out with Bob Dylan and single-handedly put Belfast’s punk scene on the UK’s music map.

Last night representatives of Northern Ireland’s music industry joined friends and relatives of Terri Hooley at the launch of his new autobiography at the Oh Yeah Centre in Belfast.

Billed as his ‘wake’ by the non-conventional music impresario, the event was attended by several hundred people.

Hooley, who earned himself the nickname the Godfather of Punk after setting up the legendary record label Good Vibrations in the 1970s, said the book had been a long time coming, but that he felt his story was now ready to tell.

“So many great things have happened in the past few years, the 30th anniversary of Good Vibes, my letter from Bill Clinton, The Undertones doing a benefit gig, my new shop in Winetavern Street, my Legends award and the new movie on my life, which should start production fairly soon,” he said.

“It’s a tale of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll — and the story of a lonely young fella who falls in love with music.”

He added: “Friends of mine in New York were posting on Facebook that I had hated missing a party in the 1960s and that the only party I’d miss would be my wake. So I thought it would be a laugh to have my wake at the book launch, just in case I don’t see some of these people again and because they’re right, I’d hate to miss a good party.”

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