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Monday 21 April 2014

Rateliff recorded in mountains

Nathaniel Rateliff said recording in the mountains was 'quite something'

Singer-songwriter Nathaniel Rateliff has revealed he worried he was suffering from altitude sickness after heading into the mountains to write his new album.

The US star rented a studio in the mountains in his native Colorado to make his second album Falling Faster Than You Can Run.

"I went with two friends who are engineers, and the band, and we did it all. It was a beautiful place to be," he said.

Asked if it was high in the mountains, he said: "Yes, too high up, actually. Turns out singing while you're that high up isn't good. I don't recommend it.

"I thought I had altitude sickness at one point so had to come down the mountain. I didn't and it was just some weird bronchial spasm, and I was OK, but it was worrying for a while.

"Aside from that, a blissful time, with a games room, a small movie theatre, a big barn - it was quite something."

Nathaniel also told how any sadness tends to come out in his music.

He said: "I do beat myself up a bit, physically and emotionally. I'm quite upbeat in person. Lots of comedians are the saddest people ever but love making people laugh. I'm a bit like that, I like to joke around, and this sadness comes out when I'm writing songs. I never thought that being melancholy was a problem, it's my favourite emotion and I'm not scared of it.

"Insecurity and self-loathing come in too, but lots of people deal with those feelings. I don't write songs because I'm upset, but they always work out that way. It's possible to be happy and sad at the same time."

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