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Sunday 20 April 2014

Relight your fryer

Two hungry members of pop group Take That were left with rumbling tummies after one of Ulster's most famous chippies turned down their request for fish suppers.

A security man, representing the pop superstars, turned up at Longs Traditional Fish & Chips restaurant in Belfast at 6.40pm last Thursday and placed an order for lead singer Gary Barlow and bandmate Mark Owen.

But the all-female workforce had already cleaned out the equipment and switched off the fryers. Take that, in other words.

According to a spokeswoman for the legendary Athol Street premises, it would have taken too long to relight the fryer, so to speak.

The spokeswoman also said staff initially did not know for sure if the man was really with Take That or if he was just 'codding' around.

"The main reason the girls didn't serve the food was because it would have taken too long to get everything ready again," said the spokeswoman.

"It would have taken too long for just two portions of fish and chips."

"The girls had just closed up the shop, emptied out the pans and had switched off the fryers when this guy arrived at the restaurant.

"One of the staff was on her way out, so the door was open and he came in.

He was wearing a pass around his neck and said he was wanting to buy two portions of fish and chips for two of the lads in Take That.

"One of the staff went outside and saw a car sitting there but didn't know if anyone was in it. For all the girls knew, he could have been anyone claiming he was with the band."

Take That are the latest in a long list of celebrities who have been keen to sample Longs' famous fish and chips. Those who have been luckier and managed to bag a portion include actress Julie Christie, Westlife, Cannon and Ball, Eamonn Holmes and Barry McGuigan.

Take That left Northern Ireland today to head to Europe to continue their Beautiful World tour.

The comeback band spent over a week in the province, playing five nights at the Odyssey Arena.

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