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Saturday 29 November 2014

Robbie's fears for Justin Bieber

Robbie Williams thinks Justin Bieber might feel the pressures of fame
Robbie Williams thinks Justin Bieber might feel the pressures of fame

Robbie Williams is apparently worried Justin Bieber could buckle under the pressure of fame.

The Candy singer - who battled drink and drug problems after he rocketed to fame with Take That - fears the 18-year-old Canadian star could find his pop stardom backfiring on him one day, reported The Sun.

Robbie, 39, is quoted talking about finding fame as a teen, and said: "There is a list longer than my arm of f***-ups.

"It's inevitable that someone like Justin Bieber will hit a hard time. You hear about everybody going, 'You're s***'. And you go, 'F***, I'm s***, I'd better go and do something else'. And it gets to you."

Justin has been taking his Believe world tour around the US and Canada, but is currently enjoying a break on the beach with his family before coming to Europe.

Earlier this month he jokingly addressed claims he had smoked marijuana during a sketch on Saturday Night Live.

The star - who has not commented since it was alleged he was snapped smoking a joint at a party in January - guest hosted the programme, and referred to the scandal during a sketch in which he played the president of Miley Cyrus's fan club.

While he was in character, he called Justin "that douche", and said: "I also heard he got busted for smoking weed and that he's really sorry about it and that people make mistakes and that he's never going to do it again."

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