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Friday 28 November 2014

Singer Sinead O'Connor keen to take her music along spiritual path

Sinead O'Connor
Sinead O'Connor

Singer Sinead O'Connor has spoken about her decision to cancel her world tour and leave the music business.

The 45-year-old, who suffers from bipolar disorder, has made it clear that she is putting her health ahead of her career.

She said she wants to “switch arenas” and move into spiritual music which she believes will be more suited to her condition.

She said: “Rock and pop doesn't seem to be an arena which benefits someone with my medical condition. If anything this arena is a very unhealthy place, even for healthy people.

“I need something soothing. Music is a present from God so if I'm going to make music, I will do so to bring peace to my life.”

This is the first time the mother of four has spoken since she cancelled a 12-date American tour last month and closed her website.

The Bray-based songwriter, whose latest album — How About I Be Me (And You Be You)? — has enjoyed critical acclaim, said she had wanted to tour and promote her record but her concert and promotional schedule was too arduous given her health condition.

In one instance, she claimed she was booked to perform on RTE’s The Late Late Show after just four hours' sleep.

She said many of the problems she encountered over the last six months have been due to her coming off her prescribed medication.

“If I go back to music, I have to be careful that I am really being loved and respected and taken care of,” she said.

She said she may “move into other areas of music such as Christian/spiritual and religious music”.

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