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Sunday 31 August 2014

Singers shared underwear in heyday

Sandie Shaw revealed she and fellow singers such as Cilla Black would occasionally wear each other's underwear by mistake

Former chart star Sandie Shaw has revealed she and fellow singers such as Cilla Black would occasionally wear each other's underwear by mistake.

The famously barefoot 60s performer said they would often share a dressing room and their poor sight would lead to them popping on the wrong outfits.

Sandie, 66, who went on to make a career as a psychotherapist, told of her undergarment bungles in an interview for the new issue of Record Collector magazine.

Speaking of her relationship with female singers such as Cilla and Dusty Springfield, she said: "You could often find yourself doing TV shows together, and we would be squashed together with none of the facilities you have nowadays, not big star dressing rooms.

"So if you did a show together, you all shared the same room. Most of us were all short-sighted, so we'd all end up wearing each other's underwear.

"When it came to actually getting a number one, we were all incredibly focused, but it was only Dusty, myself and Cilla, there wasn't really anyone else," she said in the interview for the May issue, which is out on Thursday.

Sandie, who also campaigns for musicians' rights, appeared before the culture media and sport select committee last month and voiced concerns about the dominance of public school-educated musicians in the industry.

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