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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Snow Patrol have gone from the pub to summit of rock ’n’ roll

Snow Patrol lead singer Gary Lightbody performs to more than 40,000 people in Bangor's Ward Park

Snow Patrol were back on old stomping ground earlier this week when they revisited Belfast’s Duke Of York, scene of their first gig.

It was an ‘intimate' show, to say the least, with a handful of fans turning up to see them.

Those days are long gone, of course, and as the fanbase has grown so too has the confidence and ease of the performers, epitomised by frontman Gary Lightbody.

The Bangor man now owns the stage, with the swagger and charisma worthy of any great lead singer.

From the moment the band kicked off the Ward Park show with Open Your Eyes they had the 40,000-plus crowd in the palms of their hands.

Given their lack of success in those early days, it must feel surreal to stand on stage and hear that sizeable audience sing back every lyric of your song. Singles Run, Chasing Cars and Signal Fire were always going to be crowd-pleasers, but every song was greeted with the same adulated response, from Crack The Shutters to Set The Fire To The Third Bar, featuring guest vocalist Lisa Hannigan.

The band seized the opportunity to try out a new song on their fans, Big Broken, a ballad not too dissimilar to Run. I predict another anthem.

A word of praise for the warm-up acts as well, who managed to keep the attention of the fans before the headliners took to the stage. If there's any justice in the world, Belfast band Cashier No 9 will one day be headlining their own Ward Park gig.

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