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Monday 15 September 2014

Snow Patrol relish hometown gig

Northern Irish rockers Snow Patrol have revealed emotions could get the better of them at the MTV awards in Belfast

Northern Irish rockers Snow Patrol have revealed emotions could get the better of them ahead of their forthcoming performance in their hometown at the MTV European Music Awards.

The group, who are now based in Glasgow, are set to play a free show at Belfast's City Hall.

"I will probably lose my shirt and our minds at some point during the night," frontman Gary Lightbody said today at the city's W5.

"It will be pretty emotional. It already is. It will be amazing and incredible to stop traffic in our hometown. U2 did it, now it's our turn," he added.

The main awards ceremony will take place at the Odyssey Arena.

"They are keeping us away from the main event. Justin Bieber has to be careful as I'll be on him like a rash - then I will kiss it better!" he joked.

The 35-year-old said the EMAs has come at the right time for Belfast.

"The music scene here is flourishing and deserves a spotlight like this. Hopefully this will help those unsigned bands," he added.

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