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Thursday 24 July 2014

Spiteri may not have won TV show

Sharleen Spiteri says she would have considered entering a TV talent show

Sharleen Spiteri has admitted that she doesn't know whether she'd have succeeded on a TV talent show.

The Texas frontwoman is judging a Sky1 show to find music hopefuls with Dizzee Rascal and jazz sensation Jamie Cullum.

Asked if she'd have gone on a TV talent show, she said: "Who knows? If I was in my band now and I thought my band were of any worth, I'd be thinking 'well how can I do this?' and 'how can I succeed at this?'."

She said: "Yeah, I probably would go in for one of these shows. Whether I would succeed or not, I don't know."

Sharleen said on starting out: "You work stupid hours and yeah you work really hard, but the payback is so massive - you stand on stage and you're playing to thousands of people jumping up and down to your music, playing festivals, you're on tour buses, you're staying in hotels.

"You start off and you're staying in the worst places on the planet ... And then you get to a point where you're staying in some of the most beautiful hotels in the world, you're eating in amazing restaurants, you're playing stadiums and festivals with some of the bands you've loved throughout your life, even some new bands who are breaking through.

"You're thinking 'I'm part of this', you're walking into record shops and seeing your albums stacked there on shelves. No, it's not hard!"

Must Be The Music starts on August 15 at 7pm on Sky1HD.

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