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Wednesday 3 September 2014

Stone accused's diary shown to jury

Joss Stone's personal details were listed in a diary belonging to one of the men accused of plotting to kill her

The written ramblings of one of two men accused of plotting to kill music star Joss Stone have been shown to a jury.

Kevin Liverpool, 35, wrote down in a diary his thoughts about the Devon-based soul singer.

One entry said: "God doesn't give a f***. Protect yourself from this. Remember Jocelyn Stone. God let her take the piss."

Other entries talked of the need to buy a semi-automatic gun, a gun holder, a silencer and infrared equipment, as well as a "ninja sword".

Liverpool had also written a reminder to buy a hooded top, car insurance, a safe and open a bank account, Exeter Crown Court heard. He wrote of "war", "warlord #1" and of "missions" to "rob" and "discipline".

Liverpool and co-accused Junior Bradshaw, 32, are charged with plotting to rob and kill Joss before dumping her body in a river in June 2011. The defendants, both of St Stephen's Close, Manchester, deny charges of conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to cause GBH and conspiracy to rob.

The diary was seized by police when they raided Liverpool's one-bedroom flat in Longsight, Manchester, after he had been arrested in Devon. In the diary - a daily appointment 2007 edition - each page was covered in handwritten scrawl, in either blue or black ink, with much of it crossed or scribbled out.

Detective Constable Katherine Joyner took the jury of 10 men and two women through the diary. She said there were quite a few references to urban slang words, such as "wet" - meaning to repeatedly stab someone until their clothes are soaked with blood - and "popo" - short for police.

The notes included details of Joss' date and place of birth and a biography of her musical career, including the albums she has released. Liverpool refers to Joss, who gave evidence to the court on Tuesday, as "princess".

In the diary other musical stars were listed, such as British rapper Dizzee Rascal, Eminem, Beyonce, Craig David, R Kelly, Chris Brown and Girls Aloud. Yesterday, jurors heard that a stash of weapons was found in the defendants' car.

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