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Sunday 20 April 2014

Susan Boyle announces first tour

Susan Boyle is going on tour for the first time

Singing star Susan Boyle has announced her first tour.

The Wild Horses singer is performing over seven nights in Scotland to "say thank you" to her home country and will launch a global tour in 2014 if the summer concerts are a success.

Su-Bo, 52, said that she had made the decision to tour because she finally felt confident enough to perform a 90-minute set.

The singing sensation said: "I'm really looking forward to getting on stage and singing with my own band for an entire show.

"This is the year that I feel that I would be able to give an audience what they want. I've always wanted to do my own show and now I feel confident enough to give it a go.

"If this works well, then the world is my oyster and 2014 will be a global tour. I've chosen my favourite songs from past albums and also new songs that not only have I wanted to perform for years, but resonate with me, and I hope my fans will love."

Susan, who found fame on Britain's Got Talent in 2009 and has sold 19 million copies of her four albums around the world, added: "I wanted to begin in Scotland to say thank you for all the support I have been shown over the past few years. It feels right to begin another new experience in my home country."

Her tour kicks-off on July 2 and features dates in Inverness, Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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