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Sunday 31 August 2014

U2 star Adam Clayton hasn’t found €4m he’s looking for

U2 bassist Adam Clayton (left, on stage with The Edge) is suing a bank and his accountants

U2 bassist Adam Clayton “couldn't be bothered” to check that money was pouring out of his bank accounts, a court heard yesterday.

U2 bassist Adam Clayton (left, on stage with The Edge) is suing a bank and his accountants

Mr Clayton is suing his bank and accountants after his PA was allegedly able to withdraw €4m (£3.3m) over five years without being noticed.

Michael McDowell, barrister for Bank of Ireland Private Banking (BOIPB), said Mr Clayton seemed to think the bank should have noticed more than €4m was “haemorrhaging” from his accounts between 2004 and 2009.

Mr Justice Peter Kelly yesterday refused an application by Paul Sreenan, barrister for Mr Clayton, to fast-track the proceedings into the Commercial Court.

Dubliner Mr Clayton last year initiated separate proceedings in the High Court against Ms Hawkins, also from Dublin. Those proceedings have yet to be heard.

Accountants KPMG reported the alleged misappropriation was €4,815,296 (£4m).

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